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YMA approach

Programs specially chosen; and methodology carefully crafted by award-winning professional teachers, our curriculum aims to provide children with a solid musical foundation and develop early music appreciation, in a fun structured environment. Our philosophy incorporates the following approach.

Holistic Learning:
Through comprehensive music education (ear-training, rhythm, music appreciation, rudiments of music, notation, pitch, singing, performance, and harmonization), our very young musicians will begin to play on a stringed instrument within the first three months (4 year olds), and for those enrolled in our keyboard / piano programs within the first month (2.5 year olds).

Timely Development:
Age appropriate instruments and musical concepts based on young children’s developmental stages are introduced to ensure good sequential music development.

Fun with Focus:
Apart from allowing children to appreciate, perform, and express themselves to music, our structured programs are conducted in a fun and enjoyable experience both individually and in groups.


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